According to Time Shipping Journal, the world shipping industry is faced with shortage of manpower. There has been a lot of increase in import and export activity done through sea by Government as well as private companies dealing with merchant navy. Since Government has become open to globalization, the trading between India and other countries. Shipping companies offer employment opportunities for thousands of people. Qualified, efficient and reliable manpower in shipping is of great demand worldwide. Merchant Navy professionals have options of working with government shipping companies as well as private companies. Besides they can work for foreign shipping companies as well.



Placements may be found on various types of ships such as tankers, cargo and passenger ships. Companies that run merchant ships require trained people who can operate and maintain the ships. We are promising name in providing job placement to the clients who are looking forward for jobs in foreign or in India. We have tie-up with many national & international shipping companies & we directly offer jobs to our students in these companies. So student can pay all their attention only for study and we take care for their futures. The criteria depend on education, age and many other factors and even the area of interest. The essential documents pertaining to passport, visa and other related papers are giving utmost importance. Even the legal authentication is taken into account as we believe in complete transparent affair. We bring various job placement opportunities in front of people. All kinds of jobs are provided regarding various kinds of profiles.